Opposition gears up ‘campaign’ against govt through APC

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s main opposition parties have joined hands to devise an anti-government strategy at an All Parties Conference hosted by the Pakistan People’s Party.

The APC discussed protests or a demand for resignations in a plan to oust the government.

Addressing the conference through a video link, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said their efforts will surely come to fruition.

He paid his vote of thanks to all the opposition leaders for providing him an opportunity to address the people. He said he believes this conference as a turning point where they can make major decisions for the country with courage.

The former premier said when public votes are not respected and the verdict is decided even before the elections, then we can guess that the people of this country are deceived and dodged. He said Pakistan has been a laboratory for such experiments. It is not even taken into consideration that Pakistan’s democratic structure is destroyed due to such tactics and the public loses faith in the system.

The PML-N chief said: “During the country’s 73-year-long history, everybody knows that no democratic leader could complete their tenure, whereas dictators ruled the country and completed their tenure.”

PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari demanded a level-playing field not only in elections but also in the courts, media forums, and in the Parliament.

He said that everyone had seen that if the leaders were not elected through the votes, the public welfare was always neglected. He said when the political leaders are not permitted to present their opinions and if media is censored then how do we expect that a common man can speak his mind.

Earlier, former president Asif Ali Zardari said that the APC should have taken place quite a while ago. He said they have never seen such rigorous censorship throughout the country. This shows the weakness of the government and it is impossible to curtail the emerging voices of the media.

He said since the very start they have been speaking against the fake mandate and this manipulation during the polls. He said they tried to save democracy in the country since past two years. The first necessity to run a democratic state is democracy.

Zardari said they have to be get united to save democracy in the country.

Other opposition leaders also spoke on the occasion.

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