Changan Automobiles brings Karvaan MPV Plus to Pakistan’s households

by Ali Nasir

Lahore: Pakistan’s automobile market is gaining steam with the arrival of several four-wheel manufacturers. A swarm of new entrants has posed a great ‘threat’ to the market veterans, reining in and exploiting the limited options available to citizens for decades.

Among the new entrants, the latest in the fold is Changan Automobiles which has launched Karvaan MPV Plus with an enhanced driving experience in Pakistan.

Karvaan MPV Plus is a seven-seater spacious and luxurious vehicle, a perfect option to accommodate the entire mid-sized family. The new variant is equipped with a 1000cc C10 engine with a 5-speed manual transmission.

The MPV comes with an impressive range of features, including premium dual-tone interior, electric power steering, dynamic Bluetooth audio, deluxe fabric seats, and convenient power windows with central locks and keyless entry.

In addition to all these features, the exterior of Karvaan MPV Plus has curved rear glass, exquisite side mirrors, a center antenna, and beautiful character lines. Also, the project headlamps, attractive rear LED lamps, sophisticated front chrome grill, and adjustable headlamps have made Changan Karvaan MPV Plus the people’s first choice.

The company said that Changan Pakistan is driving forward with them by continuously introducing innovative and hi-tech products to the local market and this vehicle will exceed people’s expectations with its dynamic design and upgraded features.

Furthermore, Changan invests five percent of its sales revenue in research and development. Every model is driven and tested on the Dianjiang test track, an international standard vehicle testing facility spread over an area of 2,240,000 square meters, with a 150 km long track, making it the 2nd largest vehicle testing facility globally.

Over the last year, Changan vehicles have had an overwhelming response, grabbing majority market share in their respective segment. This serves as an evidence to Changan’s disruptive go-to-market strategy which is presenting customers with a complete package.

Changan is the number one automotive brand in China for the last ten years and is internationally recognized for its automotive technology. Moreover, Changan International Corporation has initially invested $100 million in a joint venture with Master Motors in Pakistan to set up modern vehicle assembling facility, along with a vastly growing 3S dealership network throughout Pakistan.

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