LPG consumers have to pay Rs16 per Kg extra in 2021

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Lahore: The government once again has revised up the prices of Liquefied Natural Gas by Rs16 per kilogram on Thursday.

The new prices as per notification issued by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority are fixed at Rs148 per Kg adding more woes to already over-burdened common man.

According to issued notification, the prices for January will be Rs15,237 per ton, this with increase in domestic cylinder rates by Rs188 and commercial cylinder by Rs722.

“We have no other choice but to go on countrywide strike from 15th January”

Irfan Khokhar

Annoyed with the levy and high rates of other taxes, and to provide cheap LPG to masses in harsh winter season, the LPG Industries Association of Pakistan Chairman Irfan Khokhar has demanded the government to waive these taxes or otherwise the LPG sector will go on indefinite strike across the country from January 15.

He said that it is being anticipated that the government is looking forward to impose the levy tax on LPG import from Taftan border, saying that such illogical move would make the LPG dearer and far from the reach of the masses 

The new rates of LPG with increased prices will be Rs148 per Kg instead of Rs132 previously; domestic cylinder will now cost Rs1,741 from Rs1,553 as before and commercial cylinder will be available at Rs6,697 instead of Rs5,976.

The closure of JJVL Jamshoro plant has incurred a loss of Rs2 billion in 8 months in addition to hike in LPG prices. The association has called for making the JJVL plan operational.

The dealers have also requested for closing down around 400 units making substandard cylinders in Gujranwala and a stringent crackdown against manufacturers of poor-quality cylinders in the country. Khokhar also asked for ending ban on LPG use in vehicles. 

The LPG dealers Chairman stressed that the country is already facing a severe gas supply crisis as the shortfall has hit 9 million cubic feet. Khokhar regretfully said that insane policies and high number of taxes have put a negative impact on LPG industry. The LPG distributers are paying over Rs6 billion in taxes and if this unnecessary burden is not relaxed then “We have no other choice but to go on countrywide strike from 15th January.”

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