One million new jobs can be created due to Amazon factor; SMEDA

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Lahore: Pakistan’s participation on Amazon has created a room for producing one million new jobs in e-commerce sector and adding exports of worth one billion dollar, said Hashim Raza, Chief Executive Officer of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA).

While commenting on the opportunities created by Amazon for Pakistan’s SMEs. He said that the recent approval obtained by the Ministry of Commerce for Pakistan to be a seller on Amazon has opened up a new arena of business opportunities for local SMEs.

We have developed an emergent program for preparing our SMEs to take the fullest advantage from new opportunities offered by Amazon, he said and informed that a series of training programs in collaboration with E-Commerce’ leading experts and institutions were going to be held across the country so that the SMEs can be made aware of Amazon’s procedures and requirements.

Under the program, SMEs would also be trained to improve quality and packaging of their products as per standards of Amazon, he added and told that first training program of this series was going to be held on June 14, 2021 as a webinar, which has received participation requests from over 600 SMEs within a day.

SMEDA CEO expressed confidence that a target of one million jobs in e-commerce sector with an increase of one billion dollar exports could be met if all of the public and private sector organizations work in close collaboration.

He informed that SMEDA, in leadership of the Ministry of Industries and Production, had developed working cohesion with TDAP and all other relevant departments at provincial and federal level.

He also appealed to the trade bodies and e-commerce’ expert organizations to collaborate with SMEDA in its endeavors to promote e-commerce sector in line with Amazon’s requirements. He hoped that the collaborative efforts would help meet the aforementioned targets of jobs creation and exports enhancement.

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