Overseas Pakistani’s optimistic on Pak-US relations

by index360

Lahore: Leading Pakistani-born American businessman and Deputy National Finance Chair of the Democratic Party of America Tahir Javed has said that relations between Pakistan and the United States are improving under US President Joe Biden and Pak-US relations will be further strengthened in the future.

Talking to media persons, Javed said that the decision to vote for Overseas Pakistanis will have far-reaching consequences and Overseas Pakistanis will play an important role in the upcoming elections.

“If 2 million overseas Pakistanis exercise their voting right then the PTI government will benefit a lot in the next elections,” he said, adding since the PTI has lost 60 seats by a margin of less than 5,000, it is clear that the confidence of overseas Pakistanis in government initiatives will be restored.

Talking about the current situation in Afghanistan, he said that if there is peace in Afghanistan then Pakistan will benefit from it. Pakistan is Afghanistan’s neighbor.  “Yes, the United States has given Afghanistan an agenda that it is pursuing. By pursuing this agenda, it will not only be recognized worldwide, but its frozen assets will be restored,” he added.

Javed has met Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad in which premier’s agenda is to formulate a long term policy to revive the national economy because he is not in favor of giving relief to the people artificially.  The idea is to make the Pakistani people economically prosperous and to formulate policies that will benefit future generations and of course the long term policy of the UK will have encouraging results that will benefit both the people and the country. 

The manner in which Imran Khan has defended the issue of Islamophobia around the world is commendable, he said adding more that the world’s confidence in the Pakistani government is being restored, investment is coming and a bill has been introduced in the US Congress which has removed the reservations and concerns about Pakistan.

” This will improve the image of Pakistan in the world and will also restore the confidence of the world and it will strengthen the economy of Pakistan, “Javed asserted.

In response to a question, Tahir Javed said that the impression that the United States only raises its voice against human rights violations in Pakistan is wrong. This is not the case at all.  But the voice has always been raised and several resolutions have also been passed in the House.

No matter how many governments have come to Pakistan so far, Imran Khan is the only leader who is known all over the world, Javed concluded.

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