Qamar Khan receives Pak-China friendship award 2021

by index360

Lahore: Pakistani businessman Qamar Khan, who has been instrumental in bringing Chinese investment to Pakistan, has been awarded Pak-China Friendship Award 2021 by China.

The award ceremony was held in Lahore where Chinese Consul General Ping Xingwa presented Pak-China Friendship Award 2021 to Khan.

Speaking on the occasion, Chinese Consulate General Ping Xingwa said that the massive Chinese investment in Pakistan is a testament to Pak-China friendship. Pakistan and China are not only neighbors but also brotherly countries, he added.

Qamar Khan thanked China and said that it was an honor for him to be given the Pak-China Friendship Award 2021 by the Chinese government.

“I am grateful to the Chinese government,” Khan said adding that a large scale Chinese investment has come to Pakistan which has provided employment to millions of people and has also generated a lot of foreign exchange for the national treasury.

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