PFMA & PTA announced 7th Pakistan Mega Leather Show 2022

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LAHORE: The Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association (PFMA) in collaboration with Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA), Pakistan Gloves Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PGMEA) and Pakistan Leather Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Association (PLGMEA) has planned to organize Pakistan Mega Leather Show 2022 at Lahore Expo Centre from 28 Jan to 30 January 2022 to promote the robust leather industry of Pakistan globally.

The announcement came during a press conference held in local hotel in Lahore in which senior members from both sides are present to announced the scheduled of the exhibition to be held on 28th till 30th of January 2022 at Lahore International Expo Centre. The Press conference have addressed by Mr. Zahid Hussain- Chairman PFMA and Mr. Amanullah Aftab- Chairman PTA along with other members of partnered organization.

Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood, Advisor to the Prime Minister will Inaugurate PMLS 2022 as a Chief Guest at Lahore Expo Centre on 29 January 2022. The inauguration ceremony will also be attended by foreign diplomates and European union delegates.

Speaking on this occasion, PFMA Chairman Mr. Zahid Hussain stated “PFMA is committed towards development of Footwear industry of Pakistan by providing international platform for manufacturer and supplier to meet together to exploit each other strengths and workout on their weaknesses. The Exhibition will open door to international investors to explore Pakistan Footwear market and allow Local manufacturer to forge ties with foreign expert in producing finest products for local consumers. This event will create win-win situation for International and domestic Footwear industry stakeholders in transforming Pakistan footwear sector to bring it at par with International standards”.

Mr. Amanullah Aftab- Chairman PTA has shared his thoughts “Finished leather of cow, buffalo, sheep & goat skins being produced in Pakistan is the Most Highly Value-added product of Leather Sector of Pakistan, which is exporting abundantly to the world’s leading brands in general and catering to the domestic needs in particularly. The Exhibition will help to boost the industry by exposing domestic manufacturer to the international market”.

Same like exhibition of 2020, Pakistan Mega Leather Show 2022 will attract many international customers towards the tremendous potential that exists in the leather sector of Pakistan and help to provide a viable platform for nurturing stronger ties. The event also features a special exhibition of the high-quality products being produced by the leather Footwear-Manufacturing industry and leather goods of Pakistan. The PMLS 2022 will likely to attract many potential buyers and investors from Italy, Germany, Thailand, Spain, France, Turkey and Netherlands. The rapid growth of this industry reflects 5% increase in exports of Footwear Sector during 2021 and it continues this trend in 2022 with organization of these mega events which invite international buyers to invest in Pakistan. These investments will play vital role in bringing improvement in the technological skills, productivity and export of Footwear sector in Pakistan.

This exhibition also provides a great opportunity to supporting industry like cottage industry, SMEs and startups to meet the leading Leather, Tanners and Footwear Manufacturers and to get first-hand knowledge about the latest technology trend and raw materials supplier of the Footwear sector.

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