Urea smuggling, another disaster in the making, said farmers lobby

by index360

LAHORE: Pakistan Kisan Ittehad on Wednesday urged the government to immediately stop smuggling of urea out of the country by clamping down on the borders. 

“Pakistan will lose out in a big way and Food Security in Pakistan will be under grave danger during a time of conflict in the world”, said PKI president Khalid Khokhar.

In a statement, he said that after the disaster of Urea shortage during the November 2021 to February 2022 application season, now another huge disaster is in the making due to Urea smuggling.

“Urea is being openly smuggled to Afghanistan through the Chaman and Torkhum borders in large quantities. Afghani brokers are openly purchasing Urea by the truckloads in the Goth machi, Daharki, Multan urea markets”, Khokhar added. 

Smuggling of such large quantities of Urea to Afghanistan and beyond will result in severe shortage of Urea in the coming fertilizer seasons in Pakistan. “This will create severe shortage of Urea in Pakistan throughout 2022 besides increase price of urea beyond the reach of farmers in Pakistan”, he added.

PKI president further said that a negative impact on production of export crops such as cotton and

a Sever negative impact on production of food crops such as wheat, sugarcane and corn would be the possible results of the ongoing smuggling of urea.

“Pakistan will end up importing large quantities of wheat and sugar and will lose Food Security at a time of Global conflict, KHokhar said.

The war in Ukraine has created a world-wide shortage of Urea.  Ukraine and Russia are major producers of Urea.  This has increased the price of Urea to around $1000 per ton in the international market. “Urea import cost is around Rs10,000 per bag delivered to Pakistan. Whereas, urea is selling for around Rs2000 per bag in Pakistan.  It will be impossible for Pakistan to import urea at such high prices”.

With such high international price of Urea, there is huge incentive for smugglers to smuggle urea to Afghanistan and beyond at a massive cost to the Pakistani farmers, Khokhar added. 

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