PSDF prepares youth to support digi-economy exports

by index360

LAHORE: For the second year in row, PSDF- the largest skills development fund in Pakistan has partnered with Coursera, world’s leading online learning platform to offer globally recognized courses for the youth of Punjab.

According to a report by Pakistan Software House association (P@SHA), in FY 2020-21, the share of IT freelancers was 17 percent, $394 million, in the total IT exports of the country, which stood at $2.1 billion. Plugging youth into the global economy by training them to be e-lancers and digital entrepreneurs will provide them access to a growing digi-economy and boosting Pakistan’s economy.

PSDF partnership with Coursera taps into this potential, offering 13 specialized courses for the e-lance market, and are particularly geared towards enhancing career advancement, increasing income avenues, and promoting self-employment.

Through PSDF, these courses will be offered at Rs. 2,000 with PSDF further incentivizing upskilling with a stipend of PKR 5,000 to be received upon completion of the course.

COO PSDF, Mr. Ali Akbar Bosan expressed the importance of online learning for youth: “As we prepare for the digi-economy, digital preparedness and online learning have become the need of the hour. The workforce of Pakistan is evolving and skills training also need to keep pace with the changing times. Through this partnership PSDF will bring world class learning opportunities to the homes of Pakistani students and workers”.

The courses are accessible through Seats are limited, so applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to kickstart their career, upgrade their skills and discover new income avenues.

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