The historical play Dulla Bhatti won the hearts of Lahoreites

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Lahore:The historical play Dulla Bhatti won the hearts of Lahoreites. Every dialogue was applauded.
Drama Al-Hamra was presented with the support of Lahore Arts Council. The director of the drama is Asma Ismail Butt and the writer is Arshad Chahal.
Among those watching the drama, the special guests were film star Ghulam Mohiuddin, Dardana Rehman, Jarrar Rizvi, Ruby Anam, Azhar Butt, Pippi Kaliar, Rana Nazir, Nirmal Shah, Munir Raj, Executive Director Punjab Arts Council Bilal Haider, Executive Director Al Hamra Tariq Mahmood Chaudhry and Others were involved.

In the drama, Dulla Bhatti, a farmer of Punjab takes the right of the farmers against Akbar and the British. He also collides with Akbar. The role of Shah Hussain is also prominent. Was a part of
Situational Punjabi songs were also included in the drama. This made the play Dulla Bhatti even more fun. The audience clapped on each dialogue of Dalla Bhatti. The Mughal period was depicted in the play. At the end of the play. The scene of Dulla Bhatti’s death made everyone in the hall cry.
Executive Director Al-Hamratariq Mahmood Chaudhry said that
I will never forget Dulla Bhatti after this play.
It is a matter of honor for Al Hamra that a historic game like Dulla Bhatti took place here. Al-Hamra’s doors are open for Asma Butt.
Filmstar Ghulam Mohiuddin said that Dulla Bhatti is a history of ours. The hall erupted with applause after every two minutes on every moment of this play which is proof that Dulla Bhatti is a good play. If I didn’t watch it I would have missed out. Such plays should be promoted.
Actress Ruby Anum said that Asma Butt proved that she is a daughter of Punjab by presenting Dulla Bhatti. She has presented a clean play. The play also included dance and every woman was fully dressed. A successful performance. I congratulate them for doing so.
Asma Butt said that she is thankful to the Punjab government which
I congratulate the Punjab government for putting the bad drama in the right direction for eighteen years.
In the cast, Kashif Raza,
Hameedullah, Anjam Abbasi, Babar Abbas, Aamir Mehboob Ilyas, Jhalak Ali, Sheba Butt, Nimreen Butt, Afzal Lutfi, Sapna Shah, Naeem Khan, Kaleem Khan are included while Stunt Director Azim Noor, Faisal Mirza, Imad Butt, Nadeem, Jagnu. Ali, Salman Sunny and Umm Ayman were also part of the drama.
Drama fans said that such historical plays should be staged as much as possible. Government should patronize such historical and cultural plays. Producers Azhar Butt and Thakur Lahori felicitated director Asma Butt for presenting a successful play.

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