Dawlance Collaborates With ‘Pink Ribbon’ And ‘Santex’ For Breast Cancer Awareness

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Lahore-In a noteworthy partnership, Dawlance, the technology leader in Pakistan’s home-appliances market, has joined forces with Pink-Ribbon Pakistan and Santex, a prominent producer of personal hygiene products. This alliance has dedicated to spreading public awareness about breast cancer and menstrual hygiene across the country. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arcelik, the second-largest electronics manufacturer in Europe, Dawlance not only excels in innovative technologies but also actively supports socio-economic development initiatives. These endeavors encompass environmental sustainability, public health, education, women’s empowerment, and more, ultimately benefiting its consumers and the masses.

Empowering Through Knowledge: A Session on Breast Cancer and Menstrual Hygiene

Pink Ribbon and Santex conducted an enlightening session on breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and causes. Specialist oncologists and experts imparted valuable information about breast cancer and menstrual hygiene to Dawlance employees, offering preventive measures and underscoring the importance of early disease diagnosis. To champion the “Pink-tober” campaign for global breast cancer awareness, Dawlance’s Head Office will illuminated with pink floodlights throughout October. In addition, Dawlance employees will contribute to the treatment of cancer patients.

A Call to Action: Dr. Omer Aftab’s Address

Dr. Omer Aftab, the Chief Executive Officer of Pink Ribbon Pakistan, addressed the audience, sharing poignant survival stories related to breast cancer. He emphasized that every ninth Pakistani woman is at a high risk of breast cancer, yet social taboos and insufficient healthcare facilities often deter them from seeking reliable treatment. Dr. Omer expressed his gratitude to Dawlance for their steadfast support of the campaign.

Dawlance’s Pledge: CEO Umar Ahsan Khan’s Commitment

CEO of Dawlance, Umar Ahsan Khan, along with the entire female workforce, participated in this digitally accessible seminar. Each participant pledged unwavering support to the breast cancer awareness campaign throughout Pakistan. Umar Ahsan Khan extended his thanks to Pink Ribbon Pakistan and Santex, affirming Dawlance’s commitment to fulfilling its social responsibilities as an industry-leading enterprise.

Pink Ribbon Pakistan’s Remarkable Impact

Pink Ribbon, a globally active organization, has made a significant impact in Pakistan. It has established the country’s first state-of-the-art diagnosis, treatment, and counseling facility for breast cancer patients and potential victims. This facility has the capacity to serve over 40,000 women annually, offering free treatment to all deserving patients.

Santex’s Dedication to Quality and Accessibility

Santex Products (Pvt.) Limited, with decades of experience in manufacturing high-quality sanitary products, plays a vital role in promoting hygiene. Its brand, ‘Butterfly,’ is a trusted name in feminine hygiene products, serving millions of consumers across Pakistan. Their products are accessible and affordable, reaching people from all walks of life. Furthermore, Santex Products has adopted the UN Sustainability Goals as a cornerstone of its Social Responsibility policy, underscoring their commitment to a better world.

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