PCJCCI keen to export honey to China

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LAHORE: Certificated Pakistani honey could triple its value, enhancing its export to other countries stated by Moazzam Ghurki, President Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) during a think tank session held at PCJCCI Secretariat on Tuesday.

President PCJCCI stated that our honey is sold for merely USD 20 or USD 25 per kilogram, but the price can rise to USD 100 per kilogram when it is packaged at other countries. The situation could improve if we establish labs and certification systems and implement management and supervision policies. He expressed the urgency of upgrading the Pakistani honey industry.

Ghurki said that Pakistani honey is cheaper and tastes better than New Zealand’s honey, but the latter’s certification has been recognized by 4 international companies. If we work to establish an internationally recognized modern laboratory, our honey will be among the best. Another way to upgrade Pakistan’s honey industry is to establish large-scale honey processing plants. Although the Pakistani has a large honey market with many varieties, the honey production still follows the most traditional method. China has already adopted advanced filtration technology and packaging, so we can seek help from them.

Fang Yulong, Senior Vice President PCJCCI said that China’s honey-producing companies are willing to provide honey production and processing technology to Pakistan. The honey processing technology is said to feature the honey raw material processing, including honey filtration, sterilization, and temperature control. He further added that the honey collected by bees is full in the hive, but it is high in moisture. So, we remove the moisture by a honey dryer, in which the honey is put on the upper chamber and the empty container on the lower chamber. China is the world’s largest producer and exporter of honey. If Pakistan’s beekeeping industry can develop rapidly with government support, the raw materials of Pakistani propolis will be very attractive to the Chinese market in the future.

Hamza Khalid, Vice President PCJCCI said that according to the National Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan exported 6.351 million US dollars of natural honey from July to November 2020, most of which were exported to Saudi Arabia, reaching 4.275 million tons and accounting for 67% of Pakistan’s total honey exports. He added that the Pakistani industry has been unanimous in establishing a large-scale honey laboratory with an international certification for honey testing and certification. Once our honey is certified, it can be exported to high-end markets such as Europe.

Salahuddin Hanif, Secretary General PCJCCI said that the China boasts a refined certification system and laboratory infrastructure. Pakistan can establish joint ventures with Chinese companies to promote the implementation of Pakistani honey laboratories as soon as possible. Our current honey production arrives at 20,000 tons and it could be even higher if the export certification is passed.

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